Anetta Mona Chisa a Lucia Tkáčová

Anetta and Lucia function as an artistic duo since 2000. Their mutual creations are set within the framework of neo-conceptual arts. Thus, they do not have a single form or medium of their artistic expression, the main motif for their artistic creations is expression of thoughts. They work with video, installation, found (sometimes even stolen) objects or with performance. They have been touching several themes, starting with general social problems through gender questions, artistic operation and business up to more personal topics of their mutual friendship and artistic relation. Sometimes, they are being sarcastic or cheeky and provoking. They frequently destroy stereotypes, doubt ideals and do the impossible. Their creations repeatedly draw attention of the audience, they can be read continuously, their messages can be decoded layer by layer, or you can just be very well entertained by some of them.