An abandoned mining tower at Šobov is only an industrial memorial nowadays. This non-functioning object at the entrance to the town looks like a monumental memorial of the mining industry. Its location next to the area inhabited by Roma people is symbolic – a community suffering from lack of working opportunities, and a striking link to the long gone industrial potential of the town, this combination provides a paradoxical memento. A dreamcatcher, in the tradition of the native Americans, serves the purpose of protecting their people against bad spirits and thoughts that are coming to people in the night. When hung at the town entrance (above the town), it works as a notional “filter “ for negative influences impacting its inhabitants. It is catching the old, unnecessary or better forgotten events, tragedies along with the historical or actual reality. At a closer look you can find out that the decorations, usually consisting of corals and feathers , are in this case rather casual objects. This actualized version of the American Natives Dreamcatcher thus becomes a “fly-paper” laso for present amulets and traps of human dreams.