Give Eyes to Eni!

Instructions: “In Kremnica, I am a child that is begging for eyes. In Štiavnica, I am a boy who is getting child’s eyes . Why am I getting those eyes in Štiavnica? Always when I come back here I feel like a boy with a dried-out Kremnica look who is getting “eyes” - a view of new “visualities” . Cats evoke my inner well-being as well as a kind, pleasant world. My posters navigate people between the gates of Kremnica, but it is not clear when and what is going to happen there. It remains a mystery, the same as is the continuation of this invisible story .

Poster “folk” art is a part of every town’s public space. Every space that posters can be posted on will be filled with posters sooner or later. Invitations to events, discotheques, sales, or pig-slaughtering are a part of the visual smog of every town. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Bratislava, Košice, Banská Štiavnica or … Kremnica. Štiavnica and Kremnica are like siblings. Eternally connected, similar and always competing for attention. The former mining towns in the present benefit more from their visual attractiveness than from any real working or cultural opportunities. Which of these two towns is more attractive? Eniac, a young artist from Kremnica has incorporated himself invisibly into Štiavnica with his installation of fictional posters occupying shop window in the same way as its surrounding abandoned areas do. In the centre, his authorial drawing, an auto-portrait with an extraordinary call can be seen. Will you give eyes to Eni? The story continues not in Štiavnica, but in the streets of Kremnica, where the author is inviting you indirectly.