Invisible Štiavnica

is an interactive game with contemporary arts in public area. Various “invisible” artistic interventions are integrated into the town by the contemporary artists, being both striking and inconspicuous, tangible and virtual, real and notional. The player’s job to do is to search actively for artworks using a special map. The map tells you where an artwork is located, yet it does not reveal what exactly you are searching for. Everybody is to discover the artworks on their own and to test not only their observation but also their sensitivity to contemporary arts.

The artists taking part in Invisible Štiavnica come from Slovakia, Czech Republic and foreign countries. They are active in various fields of contemporary visual arts – from sculpting, object and installation through sound-art, street art, art performance up to painting and graphic design.


The project was launched in 2012 (July 13 - 22). 4+1 contemporary artists took part in it, creating 5 artistic interventions. In 2013 (July 5-12)they were joined by eight artists bringing fourteen artworks. This year, you can find up to twenty Invisible artworks.

Artists who have created their artworks for Invisible Štiavnica by now: Peter Barényi, Eva Činčalová, Dávid Demjanovič, Eniac, Ján Gašparovič, Katarína Hrušková, Anetta Mona Chişa a Lucia Tkáčová, Petra Klepcová, Tomáš Klepoch, Patrícia Koyšová, Jaroslav Kyša, Kristína R. Mésároš, Monika Pavlechová, Rubendrawer, Matěj Smetana, Nina Šošková, Martin Špirec, +1.